A look into the DappStats VIP and Bounties!

So Sloth has given you all the information you need about Dappstats in previous articles here and here, oh I know that sloth is a great writer, doesn't rabble on for hours of useless information...or maybe that's why he can't get articles out quick enough, stop the mumbo jumbo and just give us facts!

Fine fine you're right, so here goes!

Dappstats VIP is an awesome chance to help support Dappstats and the great Dapps they list at Dappstats.com. Not only can you get exclusive information from the Dappstats team, your opinions help shape the future of Dappstats. With some exclusive benefits for VIP users such as DST on entry, exclusive giveaways for VIP users and even cashback DST token purchases, there's a reason for everyone to join. Plus exclusive content right here on Dapps.Buzz for VIPs!

To join, simply send 2500 TRX to:

Then message @cryptoosid or @slothlyd from Dappstats Telegram and/or Discord with the tx ID to be added to the VIP.

Currently running with additional benefits for VIPs is our overlapping PlayRoyal contest.

(Unsupported https://www.dapps.buzz/wptelegram/widget/view/@dappstats_news/403/?userpic=true)(Unsupported https://www.dapps.buzz/wptelegram/widget/view/@dappstats_news/403/?userpic=true)

DappStats VIPs also have the chance to earn though our monthly bounty system, we're giving an exclusive sneak peak into it this month, although only VIP entries will be counted everyone is welcome to participate, who knows we might have some additional rewards if there's enough interest! Our VIPs receive a monthly airdrop of tokens, plus earn bonus tokens by doing the bounties:

[rafflepress id="15"]

Don't forget to check out the latest Stats at Dappstats.com and listen into the biggest Crypto Radio Station right now:

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