Another successful day for the Sloth exploring the big Hive!


Happy Sloth today! Been a rather productive day, although not getting much done! Been chatting a lot with the 1up cartel in their discord, learned some great tips on how to be a better hiver! I'd recommend everyone checks them out and asks any questions they have about hive! Very informative bunch!


Found myself a couple more Hive games to get excited about, #hashkings! How could I have missed that first time around, time to check in no my plants! Does anyone know how to get water out my rented towers? Surely someone in the #weedcash outpost knows? Otherwise it'll wait until tomorrow!

Tried Crypto Shots, cool little game, waiting on the pack I purchased to arrive so I can try the P2E side a little! See if it's one worth focusing on! Come shoot em up with me? I'm a sloth, I'll take it easy!

Tonight I also caught #Woo jeopardy, on twitch and discord! Great fun game hosted by the Woo team, lots of great community interaction and PRIZES!!! Tonight was 10x night! Great night for a sloth to join! Unfortunately I'm was too slow to get on the prize board but we got a participation prize tonight! Sloth starting his Woo pile! I also got a free card from one of the awesome community there to try out the Woo Battle royal! Check out Woo and prepare for the next big sale!


So today's adventures also let me know I was able to earn on many different platforms by utilising Hive! I had a look at some of the awesome outposts and found I had a few tokens from some of my other posts! Especially, if like sloth, you LOVE #splinterlands!!! You can earn SPT token by posting quality content about the game! Share your progress and get support from the community!! I suggest everyone check out the outposts page on tribaldex, some earning potential waiting for you from SPT and WEEDCASH to Pizza, and Lolz! Don't forget the Cartel is watching, looking for those best posts to 1up with their Awesome Curation team!

Let's finish on a pun and a meme! I've had great fun making them today! They make every post so much more Slothisticated!