Boss Gaming PvP Royal: the Final test!

  • Boss Gaming PvP Royal Final Beta test for 20,000 Tron! Find out more exclusively at!

Boss Gaming is almost live!

Only a few hours remain until the final test, a week long 20K TRX Battle to the Death!

Join the final beta for the MASSIVE PvP battle royal on the mainnet HERE! With a 20K TRX starting pot up for grabs, this week long final pre-launch test should be epic! In game tokens and experience go live so get in early to level up those characters and get an edge over your opponent! With over 100+ players able to join games it's going to be a tough fight!

Dividend system is live but wont carry over to mainnet, final testing being done.

Prizes for the top 10 on the leaderboard in each game!

Plus the week long 20K contest will pay the top 20 over the week! Your score is based on damage + kills + match position, play more to get a higher score! Live leaderboard ingame!

TRX Distribution:

Character Buys:                    Match Ticket:
60%  BLT Divs                      70% Match Prize                                     
20% Season Reward                  5% Season rewards
10% Profit Sharing                 10% Profit Sharing
5% Dev Share                       5% Dev Share
5% Dappstat Tokens                 10% BLT divs

Enough talk! Let's Battle!


After you’ve signed in via mobile/tronlink desktop wallet and accepted the transaction you’re into the main screen!

Unlock the free character (Sai) then join a game at the bottom of the screen (ongoing games can’t be joined)

After you've unlocked the free character “Sai” (passive: +25% damage for ak and m4) scroll to find the second character “Hazel” (passive: +10 health each move). You can buy her for 250 TRX. (5 TRX for beta!!)

Gain some battle experience and BLT and you can level up your characters for bonus stats!


Boss Gaming Telegram is where all the chat takes place, jump in and ask any questions before your first game! At the very least jump in and psych out the competition before you beat them in game!

After you’ve clicked the 10 trx lobby for the 20K week long contest, click join on any grayed out character.

You can use both in a game if you're quick enough! (it's harder than it looks).

If your character is already in the room it’ll be green. Game needs 10 Characters minimum to launch.


The aim of the game is to be the last man standing!

Loot the buildings and equip your items! Move and fight! You earn experience for your character and BLT every 5 mins you are alive (in game-game dividend tokens). Plus earn TRX, exp and BLT for kills.

You can move one space in any direction (including diagonal)

Click one zone around you character to move.

Red zones are destroyed, orange will be in the next 20 seconds, you cant travel to red zones.

If there is an enemy in your zone they’ll appear above the buildings, click on their portrait to ATTACK! Watch your bullet count.

Watch your health and armor! If low you may need to move away to heal. Find new armor to replenish armor (or swap to a different one)

Check your CD, if they moved into your zone you should have a chance to attack first. Pay attention!

When you start, check the map for your character and consider your next move. You can (and should) loot some buildings to find items and BLT! 

Players have 5 second cooldown between actions. So don’t panic if you don’t react first click every time, check the CD next to your player icon.

Player Actions = Looting/Attacking/Moving/Using or Equipping items (5 sec CD)


Next open you inventory and equip items, one to each slot
Gun, Helmet and Armor remember 5 second cooldown between actions!

Some item examples below


  • Guns – Attack and H/S chance (check your bullet count)
  • Armor – 1000 Armor Max
  • Helmet – Gives h/s reduction buff
  • Bandage 200 Health / Medikit Full Heal (1000)
  • Grenade – 200 Zone Damage

We hope you enjoy the first week! Please give any feedback in Boss Gaming Telegram (here) Join now as to not miss the action going into launch! Plus hear all about the massive starting pool we have for the official launch!

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