Crypto Users? Activity? Blogging? Radio? Bad title?

Well, I guess this is my "first" post here, mainly I post to and they auto post to Hive!

So Hello Hive! I'm Sloth, some of you may know me from other appearances, such as, in trees, almost getting run down crossing the road and generally sitting procrastinating!

Well I thought I'd take a minute to say help and see what the activity is like here, haven't checked in since the hive was full of steem, but we won't mention that.

How are you all finding the crypto journey? Still got the same enthusiasm? I've been in crypto a few years now and there seems to be some great highs, and very depressing lows. How are we all feeling right now Bullish? Bearish?

Why not jump onto CryptoRadio.FM and listen to the hottest hits whilst you crypto. Crypto news and podcasts to help keep you focused throughout the day!

Time for me to climb back into my Tree, I hope to see y'all over at Dapps.Buzz, more articles coming this way soon!