CryptoRadio.FM is LIVE!! Blowing up your EAR holes!

Today is the Day we've been waiting for! CryptoRadio.FM officially launches it's Radio Station!

With the best music from Artists worldwide, the biggest Crypto podcasts and news direct to your ear holes!

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you're playing Dapps, viewing their Stats, checking the latest Crypto prices or making that killer trade, why not have CryptoRadio.FM as your backing track!

Our official launch ties in nicely with Switzerland's "National Day" (German: Schweizer Bundesfeiertag; French: Fête nationale suisse; Italian: Festa nazionale svizzera). so we've left a few hints of this throughout today's playlist! The date is inspired by the date of the Federal Charter of 1291, Pacte du Grütli, placed in "early August". This is when "three Alpine cantons swore the oath of confederation" (Schwyz, Uri and Unterwald). An action which later came to be regarded as the founding of Switzerland.

But enough history, time for the paper lantern parades, bonfires, hanging strings of Swiss flags, and of course the fireworks!!

Check out CryptoRadio.FM or Listen live now:

Dapp Developers/ Project/Marketing Leaders/ Crypto Podcasters and even Crypto Infulencers! CryptoRadio.FM has something for you! Ad space is available and since it's our launch Month we're giving it away absolutely FREE!

CryptoRadio.FM Ads play throughout the day every day. Therefore you get the maximum exposure to a variety of audiences. Get in touch to find out how you can get your Ad or Podcasts on the Radio streamed live world Wide!

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