Crypto Sloth has landed and he's here to stay!

Buzz Buzz? Hello, Anyone home?
Crypto sloth has arrived! SlothlyD, finding Dapps in a Flash!

But who is SlothlyD?

Where did he come from and What is he doing here? Why is he so SLOoooooooooooooOOooOOoOoooooooowwwW and forgetful?!?!

What were we talking about again?

Ah Crypto Sloth. The Dapp hunting, Crypto hodling SlothlyD!

Hello Dapps.Buzz community!

I've been in Dapps and Crypto for the last couple of years, from flipping kittens at CryptoKitties, battling monsters in Splinterlands (steem now owned by TRON!?! WTF) or just gambling everything away at 888Tron and Plinko. Enjoying the gaming side of Crypto, my main focus has been Idle miners and CCG's. In my time, I've witnessed some of the highs and lows. From huge gains to massive dumps, the scams and failed projects! The Crypto space is forever changing. Furthermore, Dapps will come and go, only the best will survive. Don't be one of those people out to make a quick buck and end up REKT!!! Be smart, follow the sloth, slow and steady wins the race. Crypto hasn't even started, we're the innovators, the creators, the 1%!

Whether you're new to Crypto or an old die hard reach out, touch my 3 toes, see where this magical journey takes us.

New some help getting started with Crypto or help figuring out what Dapps to play? Give me a shout.
Looking for financial advice on where to put your money? .....yeah...try someone else, I hear there's an accountant owl who lives down the street, try him!

In conclusion, Sloth is here to stay, I'm sure the next article will be better....or not....I'll start writing it now, should have it up in the next 3 months! Come and join me on telegram ( or check out the latest Dapps and find out about the best VIP program Crypto has to offer

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