Dapps. Thoughts and Opinions?

So I've been playing a few Dapps over the last 3 months. Ive dabbled in the main one Cryptokitties, Blockchain Cuties and MegaCryptoPolis.

So what im looking for is thought and opinions on Available Dapps just now and any other soon to be released you think are worth keeping an eye on?

One of the best ones ive found is CryptomingWar, i will list some information below for it, i look foward to hearing other people experiences with Dapps and hopefully i will find myself one or two others to play. (feel free to put ref links to games/discord servers that might interest others)

Help and support Via Very active Dev team on Discord https://discord.gg/JacY2Jk

CryptoMiningWar is an idle miner with PvP arena for stealing crystals. There are three main prize pots to aim for, Top 10 weekly prize pot which increases with each boost purchased. The crystal Depo which pays out a percentage of the pot based on input and finally boss WannaCry who pays out a pot based on damage dealt to him! (These pots sit around 0.25 Eth ($50ish) at the moment)

Those are the 3 main ways to earn Eth ingame. A couple new updates have been released this week, including "starter quests" to help walk you through the game. The Devs are some of the most active I've worked with and cant emphasise enough how much time and effort they are putting into the game. Its really nice to see a company who are striving to be open and honest and give back to the users who put time and effort in to their product.

Join us on Discord where you can find link to a youtube walk through and other helpful sources, if you do join give me a shout and I'll help you in any way I can. I hope you enjoy the game and i look forward to battling it out against you!

This is not a get rich quick scheme, nor a pyramid scheme. The earlier you get involved the more rewards you can make as is the case with any "Dapp".