DappStats Events (DSTevents) new and improved reward system!

DappStats Events is growing and improving!

Some of you may still remember the Halloween Event and Christmas Event in Dappstats Events Telegram channel. These events brought prizes from some of the biggest Dapps in the space! Now Dappstats events is evolving, we've decided to roll the two previous tokens (Pumpkins and Presents) into our new DSTEvent (DSE) token! This token will be the event room token, used to exchange from some awesome prizes and rewards!

Dappstats Events Tokens!! t.me/dstevents

The events room will have continuous events throughout the year, starting with our initial token exchange, we'll be giving users DSTevents (DSE) tokens at a rate of 1 DSE to 500 Pumpkin/Present tokens, this allows us to focus our energy on one token going forward instead of several. Pumpkins and Presents remain under our control so we may use them again in future, who knows!

DSTevent room will continue to run mini bounties for users, which including following our Social media and liking/sharing posts, it'll also be the first room to hear of many of our giveaways! We're always interested to hear how you think we can further expand our reach! We've added DappStats News channel and Dapp Link Finder to our inventory to further reach new users.

Some of the initial prizes from the event room:

  • 500 : 1 Exchange for Pumpkin/Presents : DSE
  • VIP Entry (2500 DSE)
  • Personalized Dappstats Link (dappstats.io/yournamehere) (500 DSE)
  • Advertising Faucet contact @slothlyd to get your tweets/blog shared (Pay users to retweet)
  • In game assets/Tokens (more info soon)
  • We're going to be adding much more over time, this is just the beginning, leave a comment with any suggestions!

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Check out Patric begging to become part of Crypto Paradise (here), in between Patrics bleating there's some exciting info revealed about the future of CPR/DST and DB!!!

I guess we can let him in, lets face it, he needs LOOOOOOTS of help!!! (PS anyone noticed the amazing new widget >>>>)

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