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Hello and welcome to the second edition of "look at me, I'm important" otherwise known as Dappstats, Steem and Sloths!?. We're going to dive deeper into a sloths "tail", SlothlyDs to be exact! Why bother I hear you all asking, well if I'm honest, I'm still not sure where I fit into Dapps.buzz yet so I'm taking advantage! Don't worry this isn't AAALLLL about me. So, where did it all begin? As mentioned in my FIRST EVER Dapps.Buzz article (find it here) I started my Crypto career at Crypto Kitties, check out my favorite kitty, its emeowinem, He's up for sale, currently priced $999K+ because i'm not selling! Look at him!

Dappstats Dapps.Buzz
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Cute cat...but....what next? What is DappStats? Whats the point in all this?

Ok ok ok, I'm getting to the point, Sloth here, you'll get used to it, lots of rambling, changing of subject, probably some horrible punctuation too! If you skip down a bit it should get a little better and I'll probably drop some links for you to click on. For now, The boss man forces us Sloth writers to meet "readability" (too many passive sentences) and "SEO" targets. Who knew there was so much to writing good quality articles. Heck he's lucky I climb out the tree in the morning never follow the rules! At the current rate he's going to have to give me a special little corner of Dapps.Buzz that I can fill with my sh*t posts...."buy my sh*tpost" as a marketing legend once said.

Oh as per usual i digress, I always wonder why I never get anything done...well know you know why...Still following? Well lets begin!


Go on click it, you know you want to! Once more for luck Dappstats what ever you do DO NOT click here! I knew you'd click it. You know who you are! There is always one.

DappStats? What is it, why do I keep mentioning it, and what can I tell you that not already in a Dapps.Buzz article? With Steemit joining Tron, I think it's chance to step forward for Dapps.Buzz and Tron as a whole, I'm excited to see what comes next so what better time to reintroduce people to Dappstats. . Anyone noticed how many times I've written "I"..."who cares about you" I hear you saying it. Fine I'M over it! I won't mention me again! I'm tired anyways, it's time for a nap.

Dappstats. The Dapp Analytic site. Why do "I" (general I, not I, I. Maybe I should use one instead of I?)

What doth one need to know about DappStats?

DappStats is a Dapp Analytic website. Tracking the Stats of over 1500 Dapps across Tron and Ethereum blockchains. (come harass @cryptoosid on telegram to add steam games like Splinterlands, we've already got a guild there, come join us?) Stats are a vital part into doing your own research into Dapps. I've seen and heard so many stories of people getting involved in a Dapp because they seen some "Fomo" and didn't look into what they were investing in. Then Boom the Dapp runs out of users and drains or worse yet, exits and players are left with nothing.

This is one of the areas Dappstats shines, not only can players get all the Stats they need they can also chat with a great community of Dapp users in the Dappstats Telegram channel (click here). Users can share opinions, discuss and dissect any and all Dapps. Seen something new, building a new Dapp or just interested in the latest Dapp, they've got it all. Join now and see what all the fuss is about.

DappStats grew from a small telegram group called Crypto_paradisee, yes the name is correct, someone else beat us to the correct spelling antother time we were a little sloth. This small group came together during the highs and lows of the Tron Dapps Boom at the end of '18 start of '19.

Soon after the idea of a referral sharing system came up, the idea of Dappstats (DST) was formed, taking time to come together and develop the idea into what we see now. Bringing together the Stats with the idea of giving back the referral money players earn in Dapps was the perfect partnership. Cutting out the middle man, most other Analytics sites and even some mobile wallets use refs but keep them as profit. Dappstats wanted to change that. To make something for the players. Give them the chance to get back their money that would instead be going to third parties.

Forever expanding Dappstats now has several Telegram channels:

DappStats main Telegram channel for chatting and sharing of Dappstats links by and for the community.

The News Channel which brings News and updates from Dappstats and other Dapp platforms. The one telegram channel you need for a quick update on what's happening in the Dapp space right now.

DST Events channel which has events to keep everyone busy. Including sponsorship and collaborations with some of the biggest Dapps to bring more quality games to Dapp users.

Crypto Paradise channel which is used for fun crypto, anything goes chat. A great community and awesome admins are always there to help with anything you need.

DappStats VIP channel aimed at more active Dapp users who want a little extra value, with 2500 TRX buy wall to get in. VIP offers users the chance to earn bonuses on contests held by DappStats, DST tokens and more VIP access to some of the biggest and newest Dapps. Not only that DappStats VIPs can now claim personalized vanity URL links to share with their friends. Sharing on social media, helping increase the word of DappStats earning some VIP bounty points and letting them Flex in the VIP room. Find out more about joining VIP and the benefits in this Dapps.Buzz article.

What's New? What's Next?

DappStats progress is slow and steady, many updates are in the works including adding more blockchains and refining the accuracy of our Stats. We've got many ideas into expanding the DappStats site giving users more control over the Stats and data the see and how they see it. We're working on our widget featured on Dapps.buzz, with some more upgrades we'll be ready to share with everyone. We're open to all feedback and suggestions you may have. Please come share them in the Dappstats Telegram or message one of the Dappstats admins if you'd rather say it privately. We love constructive criticism, we're always looking for ways to improve and progress in this exciting Crypto world.

As for Crypto_paradisee the "parent" company of Dappstats, rumors are circulating that they are brewing up the second project. Nothing has been confirmed so it's unknown what it is or if these rumors are true. CPR token holders are bound to be excited by any prospect of movement for their Hodled tokens and lurkers getting ready to snap em up. If another project was to launch the CPR tokens holders would be able to claim a stake in it. Lets wait and see if anything comes of these rumors, we all know what crypto is like, anything is possible.

How can "one" help?

One could help share the word of Dappstats, check out the website and share with friends. If you find a Dapp using Dappstats share that too. The only way for crypto adoption to come as a whole is for the community to help build it up instead of tearing it down. If you're a content creator/blogger/vlogger or just really interested in crypto and want to help, reach out, see where you can fit in. Make content, use dappstats website when linking to other Dapps in the start of your youtube videos, bring people together to enjoy the best Dapps have to offer! Lets all help each other stay ahead of the dodgy Dapps and show the true potential of Dapps on the Blockchain.

Aahhh, what a nice nap, so where were we...I was saying something about me...oh yes, crypto kitties...Tron...Sloth....yawn, zzzzzzz

Thanks for taking the time to read this, if you've any questions come and ask on telegram. (Dapps.buzz telegram) Don't forget to check out Dappstats.com for all the latest Dapps and join the telegram or discord and twitter community for more exciting Dapp chat! I think that covers most of everything for now, and a nice little update from the sleepy Sloth! Until next time.

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