Dapp WEEKLY News Update!

DappStats.com has a new News Castor! In his first video he tackles the Crazy Corona filled week for Crypto. Including live reports from reporters on the ground! Check out this lighthearted take on the recent crypto bubble here before we dive into the latest Dapp news:

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This week in Crypto Dapp's:

Now it's time to check in with the latest happenings in the Crypto Dapps space from this week. Let's take a look at the risers and fallers, the movers and groovers in this crazy Corona fill Dapp weekly update!

HyperTron Dapp

HyperTron has teamed up with DappStats to gain some more exposure. Now giving Dappstats a share of their daily takings. This has been slowly rising over the last few days and looks set to keep doing so. With HyperTrons continued development and move into PvP gaming we're expecting to see this platform continue to rise.


IOSTMoon Dapp

IOST moon is set to launch, for all you Moon fans out there. Grab your IOST and head over to get in on the early mining! Dont forget your chance to grab some early IOST MOON seeds to start earning Divs right from the start!


TronTopia Dapp

TronTopia boosting the Divs by 1Million TRX on April 6th plus having Seasons seems to have given the platform a nice shake up. Now moving into season 17, day one is the best time to mine. With each season lasting 5 Days and the mining cost rising over the duration as can be seen below.


Boss PvP Dapp

Boss PvP Gaming is counting down the days to their first Dapp Launch Boss PvP Battle royal! Having completed their alpha test for VIP members, they're soon to release the beta test for general public. For now users can Stake their Boss tokens to receive a share of the platforms profits, soon to be topped up with the launch of the first Dapp.

Boss PvP

VoidX Dapp

VoidX (Re-branding from Void) continues to develop and improve, now with 4 liquidity pairs (Void/TRX, Frag, BTT and Boss gaming). They're working towards the launch of Void Glass. Plus talk of a new Stats page coming soon with more information and graphs for all you stat lovers out there!


FightRon Dapp

Fight Ron (Or FighTron) Platform continues to grow at a steady pace, after the collapse/exit of wheel win the other week it was uncertain whether Fightron would pull through, for now it seems to be showing signs of growth. Soon to release their 3rd new game "F-War" with a 170,000 Trx contest! Dont Forget DappStats gives a 15% minng reduction at FightRon!

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Frag Dapp

One of Trons main Deflationary Tokens Frag, along with Void Token continues to grow and develop. Frag has many Dapps from Dice to Finance/Defi via TronPrime. The relaunch of Frags Dapp Frag Power was successful with with a few tweaks to make user experience better. There's a new round of Frag Fomo on the go and a boosted 100K into the Fragbox Deposit! Make sure to keep up with all the latest frag news in their telegram


Finally a quick round up of the other Dapp News

888Tron is set to add 25+ new currencies
Nole launched its exchange NoleX
BullsvsBears PvP binary trading is online
StartRon Idle miner is still slowly running through the motions.

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