Discord Eth Giveaway (participation required)

Not a get rich quick scheme/scam. Ethereum based dapp looking for new members to help promote the game, 0.5 Eth up for grabs

Discord Giveaway
Hey Crypto War Miners!
We are running a new referral contest!
Invite more people to join our Discord group and receive ETH!
Top inviter: 0.2 ETH
The next 3 top inviters: 0.1ETH/person

Join here to enter: https://discord.gg/JacY2Jk

The contest takes place over the next 3 weeks (till 3 December 2018 00.00 UTC)

Rules: 1. The results are calculated by the invite manager bot. You can see how many invites you have by using (!rank) command or view leaderboard using (!leaderboard) commands in #invite-contest channel. Fake invites do not count. 2. Invites should include information about our game. You can take our game description: "CryptoMiningWar is a blockchain-based idle game. Join other players as you build your own hashrate, attack the Boss "WannaCry" or raid other players’ stash in the Arena." 3. All CryptoMiningWar team members are not considered in the leaderboard (Discord admins and help members are eligible) i.e they can invite but will not receive any prize.