Good Morning Hive! Quick 500 words a day before I start procrastinating again!

It's Wednesday! Hump day! Or as sloth likes to call it, the same as all the other days! Sloth wakes, puts the kettle on, walks the pup, and has his coffee...


normally works/catches up with socials, makes sure everything is ticking over in the slothbuzz world!

Recently, however, I've been distracted! I, as always, blame @patlebo!


Mini-games... Mobile mini-games to be exact! I can't stop! I've even made a twitch channel...and been streaming for about 8 hours, and that's not all the time I've spent on the game!

It's addicting!

Little did I know, even though it told me at least 10 times, the first 360 levels are "tutorial" yey fun!

So, hours later, I unlocked the "p2e game"'s more of the same, click, idle, merge, wait, click, and I LOVE IT!!!!


SOOOOO addicted! This is my type of game!

Idle miners! What better for a Sloth!

It's a shame this sloth gets addicted pretty quickly to things! The rush of writing 500 words a day! The intensity of creating a tribe and forming relations!

Now...The insane amount of time spent clicking buttons! Even now, I have the twitch stream running, the game is "auto-playing" jackpot spins!


The music, the chimes, the...I have no idea, it's mind-numbing, yet here I am, already almost 2 hours into a stream of it...WHYYY!!!

Come and join me. I need sign-ups to complete the first week's tasks! Play now! Play forever!!! #Play2earn?

So where was I? Oh yes, my morning routine has been corrupted, my days have been corrupted! I have so much to do, so many articles planned, even this one was supposed to be done yesterday!


With that in mind, let's round up this article! You've checked out Mobile mini-games, right? And are following twitch channel?

Good! Let's do a quick introduction to my second most addicting game, luckily this one requires a little more time! Although the earning potential here (NEW GAME) is awesome!!! I'm going to be getting involved hard on this one!

Kingdom Karnage Heroes!

Download Android now: HERE

Or Sign up at Kingdom Karnage official website!


A New game from the creators of Kingdom Karnage (if you haven't checked out the main game yet, check it out here)!

This awesome "mini-game" also works on mobile, another mobile mini-game?!? What's the world coming to? This one is Android only, for now, sorry Apple biters!

*I'm in the same boat, had to buy an android phone just for games...also got parallels for my mac so I can use windows...why not just buy Android/Microsoft in the first place?!?! I've no idea!

I need to work out short keys for things, I think that would speed up my day...even basic ones like switching chats on discord / tabbing between programs...well that's a story for another day.

Where were we, the sloth mind wanders to mysterious places!*

Oh yes, Kingdom Karnage HEROES!!!! Rawr! (Wen sloth!?)

They've created an interesting referral system, to ensure people joining are playing and not just spamming fake refs! So with that in mind, when you download Heroes, make sure to add sloth's ref!

Ref for Heroes: r4J5w9oy


Otherwise, you won't be able to play!
win-win for us all, you play an awesome game, and I make a little extra profit for showing you the light!


Interesting fact, the same ref works on the main Kingdom Karnage game! So if you fancy playing that also (I highly recommend) you can also use sloths ref!

Oh, look! SMASHED 500 words today, amazing how hyped sloths get over shilling! Still to add images and links! Until next time Sloth Love to all!

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