Good Morning Hivers, Buzzers, Beez, Stoners, Dappers and drunks?

Hive... Tribes? Tokens?

So much to learn, so little time. Today we dive further into the #hivesphere and see where the Tribes formation can take us. One question i currently have, where is the BEE? seems they have a monopoly on the set up of new tribes already!

What does hive need, more hives or more bees? interesting question, i think both can be beneficial! So that's all, for now, i smoke some more #weed, dig some more into the #weed, #pizza, #leo, #lolz, #engine side of Hive to find out where we focus....

Tokenomics are going to be key, who wants to help shape the future, get in early and earn those DYOR? CMF? We havent even named the token yet never mind anything else!!!