Hive POWER up day! Sloths First attempt! Let's hope it goes well!

Good day, one and all, it seems something is buzzing on Hive today, this being my first day of the month, it's POWER up day! Hive Power up, HPUD, PUD or whatever else it's called!


I've processed my new 10 HP, I know, small and steady wins the race! Apparently, it's custom also to snap your current holdings! I probably should have done that BEFORE taking the screenshot. I guess we keep this exciting information for next week!

So, after my power up I have 96HP, pushing towards my first 100! Maybe I should stop delegating to other "new" users on Hive, but I can't help myself!


So, after searching "hive power up". I checked through a few of the other posts. People are excited about it! It's a big deal and I'm glad to be part of it this week!


There we have it, @slothlydoesit first official power-up day! Can't wait to get that shiny new badge to add to my pizza badge!
I remember the Pizza power-up day, my first taste of Power-up Days on hive, I need to get that in my calendar! Pizza parties are the best parties!

So, I'm hoping you all take a little time to read these posts for Power up day! Maybe we could take this chance to get some more users into the "500 words a day" community? Sort of like the scholar and scribe, without too much emphasis on doing much! Just post your 500 words a day, blog, diary, or another post!

Get those creative sparks flowing and enjoy being part of a small niche community! I've been trying to hit my 500 words a day most days! I think I missed one so far, need to work harder on getting those done!

Hoping to make it an official challenge within the community, but we'll leave them here, for now, need to stop mentioning them in every post, beginning to look spammy! Thanks for the heads up Pizza community!

Well, that about covers it, my small addition to the Hive community, a 10 HP power up! I'm going to head over to Hive stats to check how my account growth is doing, hopefully, next month we can show some better stats and indications that sloth is becoming a part of Hive!


As we can see, most of my rewards came in the last 30 days, as I've recently started utilisng Hive in the last couple of weeks. I had a few "old" posts on hive back when things began. I'd just never spent enough time focusing here to see the AMAZING potential!!


HP has been steadily rising over the last 30 days as I've begun earning and using Hive, long may this continue! One day I hope to be a big fish, whale, or dolphin. Why not worker bees, defenders and queens? One day we'll overrun the Hierarchy!

Long may it continue! Well, that rounds off my first "power up post", hopefully, see you all again next month!