I made it, another day exploring PeakD!

It's been an interesting catch up with #hive over the last few days, day? Brain fuzz, slothlyness, it never helps. But, i'm still around, even with my puppy jumping over my head, keyboard covered in dog hairs (thank goodness for keyboard covers!)

Random image...makes the post stand out a little more? (Credit to SlotheezNFTs check them out)

Today i got back into #Splinterlands, had a little look around at some of my cards, was tempted to buy more packs, but i'll hold off and hopefully #stream it one day! Need to get back into the flow of making content! Especially if i want to get my Discord server back up and running like it used to be!

Gamers, investors, streamers all coming together, we've even got a Radio station, we just need more DJs and anchors. The whole point of CMF gamers and crypto was to unite everyone from project owners to new crypto users. We want to build the bridges between the good devs building for a better future and the content creators making their products shine! Together we can engage new users and bring them into the good side of crypto. With strong projects and emphasis on DYOR!

But, where was i? Oh yeah, #Hive! I'm really enjoying it again, lets hope this continues!