It's a new day and i'm feeling good!

Good morning my #Hive mates! I hope you have all had your morning coffee and a ready to conquer the day! I'm trying to decide whether to use this as a "#blog" for spamming random thoughts, or a "#crypto" space (side note: do hashtags work in the post for anything?)

Oh, can i throw back to my other post also, got a few questions there about #hive and it's inner workings if anyone has any insight?
SlothlyD's Hive question post!
I guess another question, whats the best way to do #SEO on here? Is there a bot / helper for this sort of thing?

I guess, I could do both, why wouldn't everyone want to ready a Sloths thoughts, whilst gaining some valuable crypto intel, oh but do remember, nothing i post is financial advice! I'm a #sloth for heavens sake, why would you follow me! (Unless, like me, you're living life in the fast last, whilst sitting with your feet up, hanging out in your favourite tree! I hope you all are experience some of life luxuries before the impending DOOOOOM!)

Back to lighter subjects! oh yeah, so some crypto stuff...let me link some games and cryptos i'm interested in, feel free to check them out, or don't, i'm not your mum!

Yes, anyone who knows me knows i'm a terrible shilly sloth, but i also tend to give plenty of warnings and make sure you DYOR! That's why half you are still reading to this point! Anyways, some shill! Have a great day and let me know if you check out any the projects!

Oh...2 hours later, im easily distracted... looked into shillysloth, might need to trademark that! Anyways, some links:

Sloth Hub! For all things CMF: Crypto and Gamers!

Kingdom Karnage, awesome Card battle game from Kepithor Studios! Well worth checking out, Free to play, play to earn! they've recently pushed more full time and are pushing updates constantly now! Great time to get involved! Awesome game by MarvelousNFTs, they've recently on boarded a full dev team and are pushing forward with more awesome updates! You don't want to miss this one, original Stan Lee IP used in game! Some awesome merch / partnerships lined up in the near future!

Got a feeling i had more to add when i set out writing this, but, i got side tracked, so there's some links for now, let me know what you think! join the discord and see how spammy a shillysloth can be!