It's International ME day!!! No wait, Sloth Day, so yeah, me day!

Good day all, it's international SLOTH day! What better day to have sloth's buzzing!


With that in mind, you all can now bend down and kiss my 3 sloth toes, either foot, I'm not shy!

But seriously, we should all be a little more sloth sometimes, sit back, relax and watch the world go by! Who knows what you'll see!


Today is the perfect day for me to reuse my philoslothical joke also! But what's the hurry? Oh the puns are alive in this one!


Well, that's it! It's sloth day, go find out more about those extraordinary creatures and enjoy my sloth images!



Today I feel ALIVE!!! My goal for the day is to be as lazy as my name! Much like these little sloths who rarely leave their baskets!


Well, slothly does it by name, slothly does it by nature!

Those sloths are hard to snap! Here's a bonus one!


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