Power Up Month 1 - Sloth 0!

Well, the inevitable happened! I Slothed out of writing an article yesterday. I just couldn't find the motivation to write, so I sat it out. In fact, I also smoked the last of my devil lettuce and have none for today. Not sure if I'll get more, although the realisation this morning that not doing my 500 words, also meant I hadn't powered up a post for Hive... which means the power-up month has already beaten me!

Next month I think I'll need to set aside some Hive and just set an alarm for a daily power up, at least that way I can secure the HPUM badge, and the articles will be less forced and more content rich!


Well with that in mind, the pressure is off for today, maybe I won't need more devil lettuce after all! Relax, take it easy, destress!!!

PANIKKK!!!! But no, it's a good day! Hump day already! How did we end up here so fast?


I think today I will do some game reviews, currently in the process of fighting Streamlabs trying to get everything set up there for the slothbuzz twitch channel!

Things are moving forward at a sloth pace, but we're getting there!

My morning routine still consists of Kingdom Karnage Heroes and some Mobile mini-games! Gotta rack up those Play to earn cryptos!


I'll need to check my Splinterlands account and get back into rising Star! Hoping I have enough water In hash kings to finally grow my first crop also! Got 2 planted, just waiting on the water!

Found the awesomely addicting Crypto Royale thanks to @dadspardan, find out some more info direct from the slothbuzz dadspardan! : https://www.sloth.buzz/@dadspardan/gaming-on-a-play-2-earn-that-is-completely-free-and-quick-to-play-and-enjoy

Check out the awesome mini-game and start earning some Roy tokens! Can you beat the best?! Just remember Green, Pink, Yellow! Or Yellow, Pink, Green! Yeah, confuses me too! One of these day's I'll get my head around it!

Where are the NFT platforms on Hive?

Are there any good NFT minting platforms? OR is it something Hive is still looking for? Can we mint music NFTs? Animations? Videos? Or are we still utilisng things like @d.buzz short video integration? I guess, being on Hive, they're a form on NFTs?

Where's the best place to mint or is that something that's needed? CryptoRadio FM NFTs coming soon! plus sloths! And Bomiozms!!! Watch this space!

I quite fancy adding my photography to an NFT collection also, maybe for now i can start posting to the photo / photography communities here on hive!


Well, with all that said and done, it's time for me to run! Can you imagine, a sloth running! More likely I'm going to slowly crawl away, back up my tree for another day!


OK, I'm off! Thanks for reading, and let's see if I can work out these tags! Always seem to end up in the500 words a day community, with my post, need to get this onto one of those popular ones! Proof of Brain? Hive Pizza? Cartel / alliance? Pimps? Anyone?