Sloth in the Hive for another Day! Let's hit splinterlands again and make some DEC!

Good Morning #Hive mates!

It's a new day and a new chance to make your millions! If you are reading this you're already on your way there! Or maybe not, but it's good to be positive!

Today brings more work on my Discord server, found an interesting #Splinterlands assistant that may allow me to further utilise my cards, so i'm excited to check that out more today!

Well that's the slothly check in for this morning, not too much to ramble on wait, the reason i decided a post was required...brain like a sieve so i have!

Finally hit 50 upvotes over my content, on my way to 30 posts so an average of 2 per post, i'll take that for beginning my journey through the hive! If you see me on the passing give me a buzz and a wave!


Sloth out!