SlothTales an adventure to the Hive

Good Day one and all, Sloth here with some more tails? Tales? Well, i've got a story, or half of one, maybe i'm just rambling? Who knows, what i do know is today was my first day back in the #hive! And, let me tell you, What a day it's been!!

I admit, i haven't been active today, in my usual sloth fashion i joined with a flurry, and quickly disappeared, much like my grand reappearance! Although i did encounter a real sloth today so i'd rather have had my day than sitting on the PC, even if it was to discover the joy which is Hive!!

But, my mind doeths wander! Is that even a word? Doeths, doths, doseths....Back to the point at hand? What was the point, you're probably asking. A great question, and one i'm asking myself! So let's end my ramblings, oh not wait, yes my experience with Hive! Yes, right! So far so good! I Logged in (after my sloth encounter, look back on track) and i have 4 notifications!!! Exciting stuff for a little sloth, i hastily, as fast as my claws would allow, checked them! lo and behold, the first "friend" i found this morning appears to be a bot...oh well, i also got an award...for 20 posts, not bad for over 2 years work! Here's to the next 2 years! Let's see if i can hit 30 posts by then!

Anyways, thanks for reading...if you got this far you're either as bored as i am or as crazy, either way, i appreciate you just the way you are! Keep being yourself and Sloth on! Until the next time!