Time to get moving!

It's almost lunchtime, and so far I haven't achieved much! Slothin around as usual, so this is a quick post to get the juices flowing!

I don't think I'll even add many tags, just want to get myself moving this morning! I might even break out my camera, it's such a lovely morning, it's a shame to waste it! For the last week I've been telling myself I'll upload some of my photos and start sharing them...

But that means...

Getting the camera out bag (2 feet in front of me)
Getting Macbook connector for SD card (on the table in a bag in front of me)
Putting them into my mac...
Uploading and posting...

Why this has taken me a week I will never know....writing it makes it seem even more pathetic! What is so hard about doing that?

Or is it an anxiousness about my photography? It feels like I'm opening myself up to more criticism, the same reason I prefer the Anoon life of Crypto....is it time to break free from the shade and unleash the Sloth?

One thing at a time, I'm getting my camera! Now! no, actually right now!

Ok! I got it, I was going to just upload something old...but for now! Here's some fresh photos, my view for this morning! What a beautiful day!



Well, there we have it! Something for this morning! Time for some Devil lettuce then we'll think about refining our posts for later!

Looks like I have some smudges / marks on my lense (actually think it's inside the camera)...need to see if I can fix that or I'll be spending a lot of time editing!