Wow 4 Years! It feels like only a matter of months!


Well, I was just finishing off my evening coffee, all sloths need an evening pick me up!

I thought I'd peak in and see if I had any notifications, of course, being a super dooper sloth, I had 100s! Why wouldn't I when every second sentence has I in it, you all want to know about me, right?!

Anyways, it's my Hive Birthday!!! 4 years!!! So, let's have a recap of Sloth! Dig up some archived content and show where my journey began!

My first introduction post, of many! As modest as always VIP introduction Found the "Dark side" post over on so we'll use that version! 4years ago, and my first shill on Hive!

The OG sloth from! Back when it was "cool" to be annon!


Memes and chatting with some "FreeSpeach" Fans! Good times! Probably some career-ending reshares there so hopefully no one finds them... "It's always on the blockchain!"

So, I struggled to stick with Hive (or more so, Steemit and Justin!), but continued writing, mainly for Dapps.Buzz, posting content to hive on the back end! If only we knew then what we know now, hive would have been our home 4 years ago!

My first "re introduction to hive"

and my final return! 4 years later! This post will be awesome, insightful, showing the evolution of character of Sloth!

Or not...


So, where are we now? A Month back into a sloth on hive!

My first power-up day!

CryptoRadio, Sloth.Buzz and the Hivesphere!

My "Latest post" or my "Birthday post" in true sloth fashion, was:

SlothBuzz Merch! Want to give Sloth a present, go grab some awesome merch!